Welcome to the Bubí Bainne website (Irish for Booby Milk!). The Bubí Bainne nursing covers were designed by a breastfeeding mum who felt the need for a product that new mums could use to help them get the confidence to breastfeed their babies in public.




“I bought the Meadow Flower Nursing Cover before my baby arrived in December and I can say it’s my best baby buy!

It rolls comfortably into my baby bag, gives me the needed privacy whenever I feed my baby and every Nigerian woman I’ve met since then want to get one as well. Money well spent 🙂 Kind regards.”

– Tami Femi.

“I like my snow leopard print shawl very much as I’ve been looking all over the world for a nursing shawl with cool snow leopard prints! The ones sold in Singapore are really ugly – either boring drab solid colors or ugly floral/geometric prints. So I’m very happy to have found my snow leopard all the way in Ireland! I’m happy with the prompt delivery too. Cheers.”

– Priscilla Ong, Singapore.

“As a new mum I find the Bubí Bainne nursing cover a great product to carry around in my changing bag. It is so easy to use! I just pop it over my head and start feeding my little one anytime and anywhere without feeling self-conscious!”

– Sarah Waters, Mayo, Ireland.

“Bubi Bainne nursing covers have made my life a whole lot easier. I wasn’t afraid to nurse in public before I had the nursing cover – but using a blanket or pashmina was quite awkward and I coudn’t be sure that it wouldn’t fall the wrong way and expose me.

The Bubi Bainne nursing cover is so easy to use and discrete that it makes nursing much more relaxed for both myself and the baby. I can be sure to always maintain eye contact with the baby and feel confident that it won’t fall or reveal too much. In the last week I’ve used it in a cafe in Dundrum Town Centre, a restaurant in town and even in Ashford Castle on a weekend away. I’m now going to order more colours to go with different outfits!”

– Jemma Woods, Ballycullen, Dublin, Ireland.

“The Bubí Bainne Team could not have been anymore helpful to me, even if they wanted to be. Jack’s Christening was coming-up and I was very anxious about feeding him in front of everyone I knew, in such close surroundings. We saw an advert for Bubí Bainne on the Sunday prior and I left them a voice-mail, before lunch they’d replied and promised me faithfully my Bubí Bainne would be posted first thing Monday.

It arrived on Tuesday morning and I would not go anywhere without it since – it’s simply wonderful. The Christening was a breeze, thanks to the cover. My two favourite ‘must have’ items that I would not go without are my Bubí Bainne nursing cover and my Manduca sling … with them, things are so simple and there’s not a place we cannot go!”

– Sarah Sherlock – Clonaslee, Laois, Ireland.

“Congratulations on a fantastic product! I was so impressed I purchased two of them & have been spreading the word since. My only regret is not knowing about these before I went into hospital. As a first time mum I found it hard to be discreet (curtains don’t close properly around the beds) even people visiting others & having one of the covers would have helped me so much in the beginning.

“I found the covers very easy to use they were very discreet & take up no room in your bag. At such a reasonable price I bought one for my changing bag & one for at home & the super quick delivery meant I was able to nurse anywhere anytime in comfort. I honestly can’t credit them enough……..thank you for a great product x”

“p.s. everyone loved the name!”

– Caroline Allen – Cork, Ireland.

“Just following up on the nursing cover you sent me. I had a beautiful baby boy on November 4th and breastfeeding has been going very well so far thank goodness! The nursing cover has come in very handy when visitors have been over or if I’m out and about and want to stay descreet. I feel it doesn’t suffocate or overheat baby as the fabric is nice and light. It would make a fantastic gift for a breastfeeding mum to be! Thanks a million!”

– Roisin Walsh – Rathcoole, Dublin, Ireland.

“I too am a first time mother and my Bubí Bainne nursing cover came the day before my first trip home to stay with my parents, so the timing was perfect. I was staying for a week with the baby and as well as spending time with my parents had expected to be visiting various family and friends. The nursing cover was a great bonus and it was handy to have it in my bag at feeding times. I was then able to work around the babys’ schedule without being too self-conscious especially in other peoples homes.

Back in Dublin I know that anytime I am out and about once I have my Bubí Bainne cover feeding time isn’t as much of an ordeal – my trips out can be longer if I have it with me, knowing that if I feel uncomfortable where I am feeding him, I can use it without us both getting stressed.

What I like about the design is that I can see how the baby is doing as he is feeding. I also love the fact that mine is a neutral colour, I got the denim grey one, and it is perfect for me and it folds up nice and easy.”

– Carmel O’Connor – Dublin 8, Ireland.

“Hi there,
Just a quick e- mail to say that I am delighted with my bubi bainne!! I bought it from Aisling at the baby travel shop online. I have used it a few times now in public and it is discreet. I felt self conscious using scarves as sometimes baby would fuss when feeding. Well done, great idea and it’s lovely to be able to support an Irish business.”

– Rachel, Dublin, Ireland.

“I just had my 3rd baby and it’s a girl after 2 boys and I’m breast feeding with success this time. Unfortunately I only got to 2 weeks with both my boys as I had lots of problems so I am delighted that it is still working with my daughter.
I have a beautiful girlie ‘pink’ (yippee) feeding cover and it has helped me so much to relax while feeding in public or even at home in front of visitors. As I have problem’s feeding I am using nipple shields and if my baby fusses it is difficult to latch her on as she keeps knocking the shield off with her hands so having the cover gives me space and comfort to fix the shield and latch my baby on again without being afraid of exposing myself. So thank you so much Bubi Bainne for a fantastic feeding cover that looks fabulous too!!! I found the company a pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend them to my family and friends and the fact that they are an Irish company is great!! ”

– Debbie Gleeson, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

“I know nursing covers are one of those items that divides breastfeeding mums, some love them and some hate them. As a first time mum I was nervous about feeding in public. I have no problem feeding at baby groups with other mums (so don’t use the cover in these situations) but the idea of cafes etc is a different matter. This cover was given to me by a friend (who has family in Ireland, they do ship worldwide though) when my baby was 4 weeks old. A few days later I found myself alone in town, with a baby screaming for a feed. I was so grateful for this cover and the confidence it gave me to sit in a cafe on my own and feed her.”

– Claire, U.K.

“I received the Shabby Chic and it’s gorgeous! Used the product for the first time today and it’s really so clever. Felt so private and so much more comfortable breastfeeding in public. Absolutely love the product, lovely quality and gorgeous brand. You should expand! Thanks again for your invention..making my life easier!”

– Aine Ni Churrain, Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

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"What I like about the design is that I can see how the baby is doing as he is feeding. I also love the fact that mine is a neutral colour, I got the denim grey one, and it is perfect for me and it folds up nice and easy!"

- Carmel O'Connor - Dublin 8.