Welcome to the Bubí Bainne website (Irish for Booby Milk!). The Bubí Bainne nursing covers were designed by a breastfeeding mum who felt the need for a product that new mums could use to help them get the confidence to breastfeed their babies in public.



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You can email us at info@bubibainne.ie and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For wholesale enquiries you can also email us at info@bubibainne.ie.

Sales and Customer Service: +353 1 8405116.

If for any reason you need to write to us or you want to return your nursing cover for a refund or an exchange our address is:

Bubí Bainne,
15 Glen Ellan Green,
Co. Dublin,


" I just had my 3rd baby and it's a girl after 2 boys and I'm breast feeding with success this time. Unfortunately I only got to 2 weeks with both my boys as I had lots of problems so I am delighted that it is still working with my daughter.
I have a beautiful girlie 'pink' (yippee) feeding cover and it has helped me so much to relax while feeding in public or even at home in front of visitors. As I have problem's feeding I am using nipple shields and if my baby fusses it is difficult to latch her on as she keeps knocking the shield off with her hands so having the cover gives me space and comfort to fix the shield and latch my baby on again without being afraid of exposing myself. So thank you so much Bubi Bainne for a fantastic feeding cover that looks fabulous too!!! I found the company a pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend them to my family and friends and the fact that they are an Irish company is great!!"

- Debbie Gleeson, Co. Limerick.